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Investing in LED makes sense

Several benefits may be realized by healthcare organizations when replacing fluorescent lighting with LED lighting. A healthcare facility with an existing configuration of 500 (2-lamp) 40W 4-foot fixtures and 500 (4-lamp) 40W 4-foot fixtures could realize the benefits as highlighted below. This strategy would involve removing all T-12 lamps, disconnecting and bypassing all ballasts, and then inserting T-8 LED lamps into existing lighting fixtures.

This strategy could reduce kilowatt hours (KwH) by 5,913,000 KwH.

Carbon emissions could be reduced by 5,671 Metric Tons*.

Energy expenses could be reduced by $557,647 (Energy Rate = $0.09 per KwH).

Maintenance expenses (materials and labor) could be reduced by $61,200.

American Hospital Lighting Company, LLC has strategic partnerships with companies in finance, trade grants, and manufacturing to assist with investment in LED technology. When supplemental funding is approved, the initial investment may be reduced by 30% and in some situations the return on investment may as short as 19 months.