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Overall Wellness can be Improved Through Proper Lighting

Lighting in rooms or offices is a type of sensory stimulation that influences performance and mental state of being. It can increase productivity or decrease productive mental activity.  Dr. Pierce J. Howard, author of The Owner's Manual for the Brain, says “Light affects mood and alertness by shutting down the production of melatonin, the sleep inducer.  Because alertness is important for safety and productivity, the work environment should be well lit.” 

Sunlight is an effective mood enhancer, and can increase creativity and increase productivity (this is why seasonal affective disorder occurs in the winter). Sunlight is a natural catalyst to improve mood.  Since your mind is generally sharper during daylight hours, your performance and mood may be most effective before the sun goes down (though this varies from individual to individual).   It is therefore important to seek indoor lighting solutions that come closest to imitating sunlight.

Pure Light

Light emitted from standard fluorescent lamps can produce undesired results.  Migraines and decreased productivity have been reported with the low quality of light emitted from fluorescent lamps.  The most common source of light inside healthcare facilities is fluorescent lighting. Because of the benefits LED lighting has over fluorescent lighting, it is believed that more and more health care facilities and other businesses will replace fluorescent lamps with LED lamps.  The white and warm light color temperatures provide a pure, clear light that is easier on the eyes and which may, in turn, influence the wellbeing of all working in that environment for the better.  

Lighting solutions, particularly in a healthcare setting, should imitate the pure light of the sun as much as possible to allow for appropriate levels of sensory stimulation. Good light encourages safety, productivity, and mental alertness. Because of these benefits, it is believed that properly engineered LED lamps provide healthy light levels and should therefore be considered as a quality of health investment for overall wellness in healthcare facilities.