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Efficient and Reliable

LED Lights are able to operate in extreme temperatures - whether cold or hot (-35° C to 80° C). The solid state technology of LED is very durable, produces minimal heat, is safe to the touch, and is made from non-toxic materials which produce no harmful UV rays. LED's convert almost all utilized energy into light output.

The expected life-span of LEDs vs. incandescent, fluorescent, or other lighting technologies is significant. LED lights last 50,000 hours, are UL listed, and FCC approved. Revolutionary driver technologies employ longer life, contain no mercury, and contain the highest quality LED chips. Coupled with performance and value, LED lamps are the best long term solution for healthcare facility lighting needs.

Induction lamps can outlast competing technologies by as much as triple the life expectancy, up to 100,000 hours. Because of the efficiency and long-lasting life expectancy of induction lighting, energy and maintenance expenditures can be dramatically reduced.

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